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Free Beginner Harmonica Lessons

Just starting out and working on getting the basics down? Check out our beginner content and build your skills. Learn how to play clean notes, master simple melodies, and learn about 12 bar blues.

Free Harmonica Lessons

Feeling a bit more confident and coordinated? Check out our advanced beginner content. Level up your improv, master more complex skills like bends and chugging, and learn some new tunes.

Free Intermediate Harmonica Lessons

Mastered simple melodies and got your 4 and 2 hole bends down? Take your playing to the next level with our intermediate content. Expand your jam skills beyond root notes, master that bluesy tone, and learn more complicated techniques.

Free Advanced Harmonica Lessons

Feel comfortable with 12 bar blues and mastered draw bends, tongue-blocking, & chugging? Let’s take it up a notch! Explore positions beyond 2nd, stop playing it safe when you solo, and expand your musical knowledge.

Want to improve faster and get more out of your practice sessions? Check out our practice tools for all levels.

Our Harmonica School

If you want to have fun making regular progress in your Blues Harmonica playing this is the place to be.

Step-by-step Curriculum from Beginner to Advanced

Lessons, exercises and study pieces you need in the right order so that you always know that you are moving in the right direction without developing bad habits.

Guidance and Feedback from Professional Teachers

Students get weekly personalised feedback from our faculty of world-class teachers who will actually listen to you play and tell you what you are doing well and how you can improve.

Harmonica Community

In our student community you can hang out with fellow harmonica players, get your questions answered, and get feedback and support from your peers.

What Our Students Are Saying About Us

Your personal touch, obvious focus and attention to detail, and your ability to inspire students with your online videos is just fantastic! I feel very fortunate to have found your online school to take me on my Harmonica learning journey!!!


I absolutely LOVE the Harmonica School. I am very happy that I found these lessons; I doubt that there’s a better harmonica school anywhere on earth.

About 15 months ago I started at Tomlin’s school, and I will tell you it was the best move I made to learn this instrument. I am amazed at how much there is to know about the harmonica. What I find nice about this course is the structure. Every time I spend days and weeks even on a lick I sometimes get frustrated. Then with all the resources in the school and a lot of practice it seems like magic, I can play the lick and move on. What a good feeling that is. So I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to say thanks to Tomlin and the many others that have helped me so far. I am not a fast learner, and have a long way to go. I cant believe I can now play the Hook on Hoochie Coochie Man. now i get to work on the next ten licks, hahaha.

Nick D

Harmonica Lessons

Monthly Live Seminars

Every month inside Tomlin Harmonica School we have two live seminars on wide-ranging topics from guest teachers such as Todd Parrott, Adam Gussow, Joe Filisko, Hank Shreve and many more.

Students also have access to an archive of all previous seminars.

Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Our Students Q & A Sessions are a great place to get your questions answered by Tomlin and the rest of the faculty in our weekly live sessions over Zoom.
Tomlin Harmonica Lessons

Our Other Stand-alone Courses

Introduction to Amplified Harmonica

Everything you need to get started playing plugged in!

Improvise Blues Harmonica

Everything you need to get started improvising Blues Harmonica

Blues Harmonica Foundation eCourse

Blues Harmonica for Complete Beginners

Fresh Free Lessons

New free lesson content every 2 weeks!

Hohner vs Lee Oskar

Hohner vs Lee Oskar

In this video I’m going to compare the Lee Oskar and Hohner Special 20 harmonicas and explain why the Special 20 works better for the Blues.   Students ask me all the time what I think of Lee Oskar harmonicas and to be honest I am not a fan. But, the reason for...

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Is the Hohner Special 20 Still worth it in 2024?

Is the Hohner Special 20 Still worth it in 2024?

In this video I'm going to show you if Hohner Special 20 is still the best harmonica for beginners. I’ve been recommending the Hohner Special 20 for Beginner harmonica players for years and years now BUT it’s starting to get quite expensive and the competition is...

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3 Most Common Misconceptions about Harmonica

3 Most Common Misconceptions about Harmonica

Before you start playing harmonica you might have some beliefs about the instrument that aren’t true. I’ve asked my students what they thought about harp before they started playing it and we came up with these 3 most common misconceptions about harmonica…  ...

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Hi, I’m Tomlin.

Hi guys, I’m an Edinburgh-based blues harmonica player and teacher. I founded the Tomlin Harmonica School becuase I’m passionate about teaching music and making it accessible to those who really want to learn. Having taught myself to play Blues Harmonica after wrist injuries stopped my career as a guitarist, I decided to create an easy-to-follow learning system to help others learn Blues Harmonica. I’m so glad you’re here. Happy harping!