10 Tips For Jamming Harmonica

Apr 6, 2022 | Jamming & Improv

harmonica jam tipsThis lesson is all about jamming harmonica. Why should you jam? How do you get the most out of it? I answer these questions and offer my top 10 tips for you to be successful jamming harmonica.

In this video…

0:00 10 Tips for Jamming Harmonica
0:15 The benefits of jamming and why you should go to a jam session
0:59 Tip 1 – How to prepare
1:54 Tip 2 – Is it ok to ask questions?
2:48 Jamming with Delacroix
3:00 Tip 3 – What key harmonica to play (See video link below for more info)
3:45 Tip 4 – 12 Bar Blues Chord Structure (See video link below for more info)
4:53 Using the 12BB Chord as a simple base line
5:34 Tip 5 – What you should do before you play
6:15 Tip 6 – Communicating with the other musicians
6:52 Tip 7 – Start simply
8:39 Jamming with Delacroix
8:50 Tip 8 – When is it ok to take a solo?
10:03 Tip 9 – Don’t panic and remember Tip 7
11:13 Jamming with Delacroix
11:25 Tip 10 – The MOST important thing to do

Learn more about what key to play in 2nd position here.

Learn more about 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression here.

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