12 Bar Blues (Quick Change) Fast Swing Harmonica Backing Track in G

Hello and welcome to this week’s harmonica video which is a fun 12 Bar Blues backing track for you to play along to. It is a fast swing style and features a quick change. A quick change simply means that you go to the IV chord in bar 2 for one bar then you go back to a I chord in bar 3. From there, everything is normal…

It is super speedy which is a good challenge. Although, I would advise that you don’t have to play quick notes over it. It is sometimes nice to play longer held notes when the band are playing something really fast!


Key: G

BPM: 150

Chord Progression:

I – IV – I – I
IV – IV – I – I
V – IV – I – I

Harmonicas You Can Use:

C harmonica in 2nd Position
F harmonica in 3rd Position
G harmonica in 1st Position

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See you next Wednesday for the next harmonica video!

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