Hello and welcome to this week’s harmonica lesson where I will be answering some questions that I have received in the YouTube comments.

If you have your own questions that you want me to answer just post them as a comment under the YouTube video.

Here are the questions

Question 1

They say there are no stupid questions. Ha! When do you play Hi G versus Lo G Harp?

Question 2

Could you tell us what to Buy as a second harmonica (I know it’s mostly about the money, the easiest way to buy all 12 keys)

Question 3

What is swelling? And what are you suppose to do when it happens on a harmonica???

Question 4

About how long would you say it typically takes to become an “advanced intermediate?”

Question 5

Hello Tomlin, As always, thank you. I have a C an A and a G harp, well, a couple of each, and I was looking to get a D. My girlfriend had given me a Suzuki C harp a couple of years ago which I love. I like the feel and the sound, just everything about it. Anyway, she knew I was looking to get the D harp and she surprised on my birthday again, but it is a Suzuki Manji D minor. What a different sound it has, and obviously doesn’t do well with the D songs I’ve been wanting to put into my repertoire. I don’t know a lot about the technicalities of music and I was wondering if you could give me the shortened version of the difference.

Question 6

What harmonica are you using?

Question 7

I found a old Honer G Marine Band harmonica but it has 12 holes! It’s about 25 years old . What kind of harmonica is this and can I use it for anything ? ??

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Thank you

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