How to do basic reed adjustments for overblows on harmonica

Sep 28, 2016 | Advanced Intermediate Harmonica Lessons, Harmonica Gear

Today’s harmonica lesson is all about how to do basic reed adjustments to help with the overblows.

If you haven’t done my lesson on starting to overblow, do that first –
How to get started overblowing


You might break your harmonica, so I suggest you experiment with an old one that you don’t mind ruining.

Basic adjustments

I am by no means an expert harmonica customiser but I can get harmonicas to play how I like with them with easy overblows.

I think it is a great thing to be able to do this kind of thing yourself, even if you are planning on getting custom harmonicas from a pro. Knowing what makes a good playing harmonica will help you massively. It will also help with your actual playing technique.

Andrew Zajac

Andrew Zajac has an excellent blog with many useful articles about harmonica maintenance so I would definitely check that out if you want to go more in depth –

Andrew Zajac’s blog

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