Free Intermediate
Harmonica Lessons

Hello and welcome to my free lessons for Intermediate players. Someone who is starting at the Intermediate level should;

  • Be able to play perfectly clean notes
  • Play in time with a metronome and backing track
  • Play great 4 draw 1/2 step and 2 draw whole step bends
  • Be able to hit bends straight on without hitting the clean note first
  • Know how to play a shuffle rhythm
  • Play nice smooth and accurate warbles
  • Be able to play 3 draw 1/2 and whole step bends but they could be better
  • Be able to improvise comfortably over a 12 Bar Blues using root notes and licks
  • Easily play 1/4 notes, 1/8th notes and triplets in time with a metronome and backing track
  • Plays gently and relaxed

* If there is anything on this list that you cannot do you should start at Advanced Beginner level.

Essential Intermediate Lessons

These lessons will help you take your harmonica playing to the next level.

5 Awesome Intermediate Licks

8 Blues Harmonica Triplet Licks

Electric Blues

Chugging a Bassline Over A
12 Bar Blues

Blues Harmonica Comping

The Real Blues Scale

Recommended Gear

I highly recommend that Intermediate players have a slightly larger selection of harmonica keys. You will be ready for most scenarios with 10-hole diatonic harmonicas in the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D, F.

Songs & Licks

Check out these songs and licks to try that are perfect for intermediate level players.

Georgia On My Mind

Roadhouse Blues

Most Recent Intermediate Lessons

New free lesson content every 2 weeks!

Hohner vs Lee Oskar

Hohner vs Lee Oskar

In this video I’m going to compare the Lee Oskar and Hohner Special 20 harmonicas and explain why the Special 20 works better for the Blues.   Students ask me all the time what I think of Lee Oskar harmonicas and to be honest I am not a fan. But, the reason for...

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Is the Hohner Special 20 Still worth it in 2024?

Is the Hohner Special 20 Still worth it in 2024?

In this video I'm going to show you if Hohner Special 20 is still the best harmonica for beginners. I’ve been recommending the Hohner Special 20 for Beginner harmonica players for years and years now BUT it’s starting to get quite expensive and the competition is...

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Stop Making These 3 Mistakes Now!!

Stop Making These 3 Mistakes Now!!

In this video I'm going to show you the top three mistakes a beginner makes on the harmonica: playing too hard, with too much tension, and too fast.   Click here to enrol in a FREE 4 Week Blues Harmonica Foundation eCourse Thank you

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Improvise Blues Harmonica!


If you are scared to improvise Blues harmonica this course will give you easy-to-follow steps and strategies to start improvising the Blues!

There are 5 different modules showing you different approaches to jamming/improvisation. A new module is made available to you each week. They will all feature tabs, videos, audio files and exercises to help you on your journey.

During the eCourse you will be given access to a new module each week for five weeks. At the end of which you will continue to have access to all the course materials.

Everything will be broken down into easy-to-follow chunks to make your practice easier!


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for harmonica players of any level.

Lifetime access

After the course is over you will retain access to the library of learning material.