How to play The Pink Panther on harmonica p2/2

Here is the follow-up to last week’s lesson on The Pink Panther. If you haven’t done that lesson yet I recommend you do so as this one won’t make much sense without it!

Part 1 – How to play The Pink Panther

About Those Bends!

As with last week you are going to be undertaking some extreme harmonica gymnastics. This involves deep bending on the 3 draw.

The response to the main theme only differs by the last 3 notes and the main difficulty will be jumping straight from the 1 draw to the 3 draw whole bend. I suggest you practice that particular move in isolation to really nail it. Quite a lot of people accidentally hit the 2 draw instead of the 3 draw so be mindful of that!

The Bridge

The bridge section has a horrendous repeating lick that jumps between the 3 draw whole step bend and the one and a half step bend (bottom bend). You will also need to be able to enunciate both bends with your tongue. Practice this particular section really slowly.

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