How to test your bending accuracy on harmonica

Jun 10, 2015 | Advanced Intermediate Harmonica Lessons, Technique

Today’s lesson is just a quick tip to show you how to check whether you are bending the notes properly on a harmonica. This is known as having good intonation. Unfortunately, you cannot just hit a bend really hard and expect it to actually be in tune.

Quite often, a player might not realise he or she is playing out of tune until the 1st time they play with a band.

Fortunately, if you practice with a tuner you can learn good accurate bends.

I usually use an app tuner on my phone. In this video I am using insTuner which is a free tuner in the App Store. You can download it by clicking here

If you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet you can always use a guitar tuner to make sure that you are playing in tune.

The most important thing you need to do is no what the note you are trying to get actually is. For example the 1st band on a 2 hole draw is a semi-tone down from the clean note. On a C harmonica that will be an F#.

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