Hello and welcome to this week’s harmonica lesson where I will be answering some questions that I have received in the YouTube comments.

Here are the questions

Question 1

Tomlin, I just started playing not long ago and my problem is that my mouth hurts. I have problems keeping the strength up in my lips, it feels like my lip muscles are getting cramps! Is that normal?

Question 2

I want to ask which harmonica is good for beginners – Special 20 standard tuning or Special 20 country tuning?

Question 3

If playing the riff in 2nd position ‘E’ on an ‘A’ harp, why not play straight from first position on an ‘E’ harp? Am I missing something? I ask this because my main harmonicas are chromatic, I tend to primarily play straight harp.

Question 4

How many and in which key harmonicas should I have?

Question 5

I’m a pianist and when I play ‘Piano Man’ with a harmonica stand am I playing it wrong if I’m using that?

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