• Select which level you are below and I will send you lessons which are appropriate for you.

  • Just starting out and struggling to play clean single notes
  • Not entirely sure how far up and down the harmonica you need to go to move between holes
  • You want to master relatively simple melodies so you have something to play for your family
  • Your rhythm is wobbly and you have trouble tapping a steady beat with your foot
  • You're not entirely sure what a 12 bar blues is but you know one when you hear it

advanced beginner
  • Feeling a bit more confident and coordinated
  • Your rhythm is a bit more solid during simpler passages but still not "rock solid"
  • You have started bending a little on the 4 draw
  • You have tried to jam a little over a 12 bar blues but you play the same safe things over and over

  • You can bend 4 and 2 holes but your 3 hole doesn't sound as bluesy as you would like it to be
  • You can play simple melodies no problem
  • You have jammed a little bit over CDs or bands and are reasonably comfortable with a 12 bar blues structure but you are not entirely sure which notes apart from the root notes work best
  • You sound bluesy to your friends and family but you are aware that there is more…
  • You are ready to start learning more musical knowledge

advanced intermediate
  • You can do all the draw bends and have done a little bit of blow bending
  • You have a bunch of cool techniques to hand such as warbles, glissandos, chugging, tongue-blocking
  • 12 bar blues feel natural now and you can even jam over weird blues structures without too much trouble
  • When you solo you feel like you are playing it safe
  • You are really happy in 2nd position but want to open up to more positions on the harmonica and get more in-depth musical knowledge