Solo Rhythmic Harmonica Playing For Beginners

Sep 13, 2017 | Advanced Beginner Harmonica Lessons, Jamming & Improv

Advanced Beginner Level LessonHello and welcome to this week’s harmonica lesson where I will be showing you how to play a fun solo rhythmic harmonica tune which you can also improvise around.

You will need a C harmonica and we will be playing in 2nd position in the key of G.

Breathe Naturally

I cannot emphasise enough just how important it is to breathe naturally when you are playing harmonica. This is especially true when playing chords.

If you suck on a chord it will sound ‘squashed’ and thin. If, on the other hand, you breathe naturally and lightly the chord will sound rich and open.

Ex. 1

Ex. 2

Ex. 3

Ex. 4

Ex. 5

Improvising In The Space

Once you start to feel comfortable with the rhythm you should try to play it for one bar an then improvise in the second bar.

Focus on the difference between the chords of the rhythm part and the single clean notes of the improvised section.

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Thank You

Thank you so much for taking part in this lesson. I hope it was useful for you. If you enjoyed this lesson, please share it with your friends.

See you again for the next harmonica video!

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