Tomlin Jamming with Quist

Hello, and welcome to this week’s video. It is very different from usual as I was invited by another Youtuber to do a collaboration…

Quist creates backing track videos for guitarists, harmonica players and other musicians to jam along to. He suggested it would be fun for him to make a bluesy backing track for me to improvise over. I’ve been a fan of his channel for years and years and often use his backing track for my practice session so obviously I jumped at the opportunity!

You can see what I played by watching the video and you can play over the full backing track by clicking the link beneath the video.

[youtube url=””/]

Click here to go to the full backing track on Quist’s channel.

Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel also as he provides tons of amazing backing tracks for you to play along to!!!

Thanks for watching – see you next week!

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